Sunday, January 4, 2015


While I don't usually publish my compositions, I can't resist but sharing this. The most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen was the inspiration for this short poem. While I most assuredly continue to be an atheist (and an outspoken one), the reference to god is the unity one feels with nature. Not god as a benefactor, but as a concept that embodies the deep sense of connection one feels with mother earth. It is this connection that I like to think of as spirituality. 


Here. At the junction;
Of sky, water and earth
The sun vows rebirth. 

Here; a symphony
Of waves crashing ashore
Lets my soul explore. 

Here is a marriage;
Of rich color and sound
Where reds and golds abound.

Here; that blessed union
Even the skies applaud
Of me and my god.

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