Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Future is Open

This advert was released in 2003. It opens with the picture of a kid learning from its elders. It learns poetry, data analysis, computing, aeronautics. We hear voices say, "it's just a child"; but the kid continues learning. The child is Linux. The future is open. 

Its 2014. The child has grown up. And how. Linux is currently the backbone for 90% of all supercomputers, 70% of all web servers and 50% of all mobile phones in the world. From applications as diverse as mobile computing to particle physics, Linux has grown. The child is now a youth. 

And the journey has just begun. The fascinating phenomenon that is open source is spreading its reach. We are slowly learning that sharing knowledge is the key to progress. We are slowly learning that collective wisdom is the path to enlightenment. At the same time, we are slowly learning that a quest for improvement is inherent in humanity.

The future is indeed open. 

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