Friday, May 9, 2014

Lipstick can help win a debate!

Heard an absolutely nonsensical advert on radio today for Elle 18.

Apparently, this chirpy female was talking about how she defeated a boys team in a debate on "Women Empowerment in the 21st century" by wearing Elle 18 lipstick! She chirps about how she applied lipstick and the words just flowed!

I was dumbstruck. Is this what women are reduced to in 21st century India? I thought a debate was won on the content of your rhetoric and not what shade of lipstick a person is wearing. The whole advert was so contradictory to women empowerment. It "celebrates" women empowerment by objectifying women. I know so many intelligent women who don't need lipstick to win debate competitions. And neither would they link their self worth to mere appearances like this brand is suggesting women do.

And more than that is the irritating assumption that men would be impressed by something so vapid as lipstick to the point of affecting their decision about a debate contest. We men (atleast some of us) are better than that and actually evaluate the content of what women say than how they look.

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