Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I've been watching this advert since some days now on almost every television channel and I cannot think of anything more ridiculous. The advert boasts about the following things that have happened during the UPA Regime - 

  1. ATMs built everywhere - After privatisation of banks, the banks themselves have built ATMs. How has the government done anything? Banking and related infrastructure has grown DESPITE the government, not because of it. 
  2. Mobile Networks - Again the same thing. it is telecom providers who have expanded their network DESPITE governmental corruption and hindrance at all levels. Remember 2G?
  3. Flyovers - Yes, the government has built flyovers, mostly in cities. Maybe we should ask the I&B officials to take a drive along village roads and National Highways in Maharashtra and then talk about this development. Or look at the state of the flyovers themselves. And don't get me started about tolls. 
  4. Metro - Only in a very few cities. The rest are struggling beneath the juggernaut of population with no public transport. PMPML buses look like gas chambers, Gurgaon has no public transport system, the list is endless . . 
  5. Airports - This one takes the cake. I looked it up, asked around, searched online . . No new airports in the last ten years! None! Zit! Nada! Renovation of an airport doesn't count as a new airport. There are 50 new airports BEING PLANNED. In ten years, that's what UPA has achieved. It's planned to build airports. Wow! 

Along with all this, they might as well just write "Complete Arse" on the actor's forehead and be done with it. 

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  1. YOU SAID IT BROTHER. PMPML buses not only just look like, but they are gas chambers.