Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This is a poem that I had dashed off when in college. Going through my archives, found it in a small corner (figuratively of course). The title of the poem is "Justification" and it goes as follows:

As I explain my fate, express my thought
In the twilight of my life;
To you, I will have nothing taught
In my mind there is no strife.

As in my life, in my death I shall not fail.
Listen carefully to what I have to tell.
After you have heard my tale,
You will surely damn me to hell.

I lived in an age of disorder;
Where the coin was paramount, and might was right.
To their whims we had to pander,
Common man had nothing left for to fight.

I played the game by their rule.
I earned what I have from scratch.
My brain was my only tool,
What I did not have, I had to snatch.

Many detractors did I have to slay,
Many foes did I have to drown.
It’s either my way or the highway;
From the title itself, have I stolen the crown.

I achieved the peak of success
Till I stood there quite alone.
I performed, even under duress
My kingdom by leaps and bounds had grown.

I know I have committed much wrong
Society tells me so.
Looking at the society I belong
Show me another way to grow.

I sit here today to talk about my sins
Because I wish for no salvation.
My errors I do not wish to rinse
My only offer is a justification.

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